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Industry: Medical Devices

EVOLENCE injectable filler, developed by ColBar LifeScience Ltd., utilizes the GLYMATRIX technology to create a professionally administered, injectable treatment for soft tissue deficiencies, especially facial wrinkles. In 2006 EVOLENCE was purchased by Johnson & Johnson, and gained FDA approval in 2007.
Despite the fierce competition in the aesthetic medicine field, EVOLENCE has managed to establish a significant position among its adversaries, and has become a necessary part of the aesthetic clinic portfolio.

Project included:

  • Global marketing plan

  • Naming and brand positioning

  • Visual identity

  • Marketing collateral

  • Online presence

  • Training and education

  • Advisory board management

  • Exhibitions and industry events

  • PR activities

Project partners:

  • Wolff Olins branding

  • Jason&Jason Visual Communications

  • Ozone Communications

  • Miri Davidovitz photography

  • Gerber Communications

  • Tal Arazi Visual Communications

  • Wells Healthcare

  • AR Print

  • RM Studio

  • YKM web design

  • InterbrandWood NY

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