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Orsan Medical
Industry: Medical Devices


Orsan Medical Technologies is an expert in non-invasive brain monitoring, with particular insight into intracranial pressure (ICP) and its influence on cerebral perfusion. While continuous non-invasive monitoring is an essential component of patient care in other medical fields, such as cardiac care, no parallel exists in brain care.  In many cases, while treating patients with brain pathologies, the medical staff is unable to detect deterioration as it occurs, due to the lack of real-time, continuous information. Therefore, early accurate treatment to prevent additional damage may not be provided. Instead, the medical staff is limited to offering reactive treatment to secondary damage that has already occurred.

Project included:

  • Brand strategy

  • Messaging and positioning

  • Corporate identity and brand

  • Product and portrait photography

  • Online presence

  • Board and shareholders communication


Project partners:

  • Titan Brandwise

  • San Interactive

  • Volle Active Media Solutions

  • Maya Havkin Photography

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